We sit on these rocks between Goftons Beach and Eastmans Beach in Bridport, Tasmania, Australia Monday to Friday to watch the sunrise and breathe.

If you’re not sure how to sit and breathe then connect with me on messenger or any other platform that we are connected on and I’ll give you some tips to help you settle that monkey mind!

Join in person

If you’d like to join us in person please get in touch to find out the time for this week. Notice your breath. Walk away when you feel ready.

Join online

If you’d like to join us virtually, I’ll Facebook Live the session on jenbarronYOGA’s Facebook page.

If your time to sit and breathe is not the same as mine, you can always watch back on jenbarronYOGA’s Facebook page anytime.

Share your 10 minutes

Request to join our Facebook group, 10 Minutes at Sunrise, and share your own 10 Minute experiences.